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Most of the training programmes I design and lead are around leadership.
Leadership development is to a large extent development as a  human being. To be able to lead others, one needs to know oneself, even in the darkest corners of one’s psyche. Future leaders must examine their shadows as well as their passions and talents. Therefore, leadership development is often a long and intensive process.

Good leaders are good followers. Leaders need to know where they stand and which difference they would like to make in their organization. Which future do you imagine? What is your vision for your company, your profession, your product? Where are you headed and what do you wish to create? If you are aware of your pupose, you can set meaningful goals for your company, connect people and their activities and direct their efforts towards collective ambitions.

Leadership development requires reflection on your daily work and your choices and behaviour. Moreover, your leadership requires learning experiences that take you out of your comfort zone and trigger you to reflect on your own assumptions and views. Experiences in which you are left to yourself and need to bring out the best in you.

The leadership programmes that I develop are always tailor made. Together with the client I first examine relevant developments in the company and the business and their implications for future leadership.

You can find more of my ideas on leadership in some of my articles.