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Coaching allows you to step out of your daily activities and become aware of the behaviour patterns that undermine your effectiveness. The coach encourages you to examine your experiences and helps you to eliminate what is blocking you. This releases your vital power and talents, allowing you to be successful and work with joy.

Coaching is liberating one’s qualities, so that he or she can work productively and in a meaningful way. The coach helps you to make your own choices and supports you to take responsability for the choices you made, but does not determine which choice to make.

You don’t need to have a problem to get some coaching, but you do want a question or theme you’d like to examine. The coach will help you finbd your own answers. In a safe and open  atmosphere you can reflect on your work and experiment with alternative behaviour. The coach challenges  you, encourages you and lovingly confronts you with your blind spots.

Examples of coaching requests

* You are bored at work and would like a more inspiring life

* You know you have more qualities than people think, but you don’t knwo how to bring them out

* You want a different job, but have no idea what kind of job

* You like your work, but just don’t know how to get along with your boss/ colleagues/ clients

* You know what inspires you but fail to make other people enthusiastic about it

Types of coaching

Depending on your coaching request you can choose for a specific type of coaching. We offer executive coaching for top managers, heart & soul coaching for people who want more inspiration and purpose in life and a coaching retreat for people with a coaching request that requires in-depth reflection and a lot of personal focus.


A series of coaching sessions include five to ten appointments of each an hour and a half maximum. After a (free) intake we determine the required number of sessions and  agree on frequency en assignments between the sessions. The coaching sessions take place in our office in Amersfoort.